When you take on the Hansen Fitness 6 Week Winter Challenge you will be working with our highly skilled Personal Trainers who will be with you for the entire 6 weeks, pushing you to your limit and making certain that you get the results you signed up for.

The challenge will commence on Monday 30th of May, so set some new health and fitness goals - and smash them!

Our 6 Week Challenge group training sessions will provide the challenge and intensity you need to take your training up a notch and really get results. We will keep you motivated to go harder, and rapidly improve your health and fitness.

Get the motivation and education you need to get fitter, lose body fat, improve your strength, move faster, and make smart nutrition choices.

Sign up now to feel better, look amazing, and have a great time this Winter!

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What does the 6 Week Winter Challenge include?

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Our 6 Week Challenge gives you access to a powerful combination of group training, industry leading nutritional advice, and incredible support and motivation from the Hansen Fitness team!

Our 6 Week Challenge includes:

  • 6 weeks of indoor group training workouts at our fully equipped Unanderra fitness studio
  • 6 weeks of detailed clean eating meal plans and recipes
    • Past challenge surprises have included rock climbing, circus workshops, chinese lion dancing, gymnastics, bush walking + more!
  • A minimum of 18 CHALLENGE only SURPRISE sessions – includes a mix of Adventure, cardioCHALLENGE, and challengeMAX sessions
  • Fitness testing at the start and finish of the 6 Week Challenge
  • Initial and final assessment with trainer including body weight, body measurements and body composition analysis
  • Before and after photo
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, tips and tricks, plus a fun community atmosphere
  • 6 Week Challenge exclusive training singlet

Point scoring system, plus opportunity to win some big prizes!


6 Week Winter Challenge Session Times


HF Timetable April 2022


6 Week Challenge BONUS Adventure Sessions

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When was the last time you tried something new?

Get ready for some adventure in your 6 Week Challenge!

We will be running some CHALLENGE ONLY surprise sessions

All Adventure sessions will be completely different and have you trying new styles of fitness that you might ordinarily not get an opportunity to participate in.

To give you an idea, previous Adventure Sessions have included: handstand & adagio workshops with Circus Monoxide trainers, bush walking, Chinese Lion Dancing workshop, stand up paddle boarding, zip lining etc.

There will be lots of laughs, stacks of fun and a bit of adventure to mix up your training and keep your body guessing.


6 Week Challenge SURPRISE Sessions

We will be running a minimum of 18 CHALLENGE ONLY surprise sessions!

When was the last time you tried something new? Get ready for some surprise ADVENTURE in your 6 Week Challenge!

Are you ready for some surprise cardioCHALLENGE sessions? We’re going to get your heart pumping. It could be anytime, anywhere!

What is a surprise challengeMAX session? You won’t know until you come along – it could be at the studio, or at a surprise location nearby. Get together with your challenge team mates and pump out an amazing team workout – everything else is a surprise for the day.

SURPRISE sessions will be announced each week in the 6 Week Challenge private facebook group.


6 Week Winter Challenge Prices

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$58 $29
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*Add one of our easy memberships when the Challenge starts. No contracts & no obligations to continue after the 6 weeks!


Single Payment

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6 Fortnightly Payments

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$174 $58 $29

Early Bird

3 May - 15 May

$194 $64 $32

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$225 $75 N/A


* Not a member of Hansen Fitness? No worries!

Register for the challenge now and we will remind you before the challenge starts to set up your membership. No-contract memberships are available, and you are not obliged to continue with a membership once the challenge has finished.

One Household & Multiple 6 Week Challengers?

Do you have one or more people in your family, living full time in the same house, who would like to join in our 6 Week Challenge?

Join up to our 6 Week Challenge team and after checking out you will be given a voucher code for an $80 discount for the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th!) person living in your house to join the challenge. Give them the code when they join up and their discount will be automatically applied.

Please note: this discount is only for two or more people who live full time in the same house. The first person joins up at full price and an $80 discount is applied for the next person/s when using this code. This is for members and non-members. 


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What people are saying about our Challenges

situps smallerThe 6 week challenge was a life changing experience. The clean eating education seminar, the weekly recipes, daily challenge classes and the 24hour support from Bec and her team, as well as from other challenge participants, made this challenge exceptional. What I gained most from the challenge, was confidence in my ability to live a clean eating lifestyle, and train to the best of my abilities.

Thank you Bec, for everything!

– Tayla

Special thanks to Bec & Garth for making tonight a special event and putting in those early mornings and late evening to get us to where we are today.

To be in the top 3 in so many categories is a tribute to your program and your genuine dedication to our own goals and targets.

Thanks everyone else in the challenge for the moral support and damn good times throughout the challenge.

Rock On all !!!

– Frank

I began the 6 Week Challenge thinking "sure, why not? It'll be a good kickstart for 2016"...was it ever! The Challenge was so much more than exercise - it was a complete transformation of mind and body. Starting with the nutritional seminar with the guys from 180 Nutrition was amazing - it felt like everyone in the Challenge was on the same page with regards to food. This was an adventure different to anything else I had tried over the years.

What I came to realise was that weight loss was only a part of the Challenge experience. Shifts took place in body, mind and spirit during the 6 weeks - it was confronting at times and exhilarating at others; it was damn hard work and it was also fun and fantastic to be one of the team. We supported each another at all times and we knew that we were getting stronger and fitter by how good we'd feel at the end of each session.

The results I achieved in 6 weeks were amazing, a true transformation and to hear that everyone who participated in the Challenge had changed their bodies for the better was awesome. My heartfelt thanks go out to Bec & Garth for guiding all of us to become better versions of ourselves and for never allowing us to give up when we hit a 'road block'.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

– Kerri

punching smallerJust want to shout out a massive thank you to Bec and Garth this morning for all your help support and push during the 6 week challenge. Did my final assessment this morning and am so happy with my results. Upwards and onwards from here. Bring on the rest of 2016

– Maria

Hi Bec & Garth

Thank you for the huge effort you put into the challenge.

I got much more out of it than I expected.

The clean eating talk from the 180 guys was interesting and informative and realky opened my eyes and mind to the benefits of clean eating.

The training sessions were varied, tough and challenging. I came away from every one knowing I had worked to my maximum.

The people doing the challenge with me are amazing and inspiring. Whenever thibgs felt too hard I just had to look around me to see everyone else pushibg through the pain.

Overall though the biggest thing for me is that the challenge has changed my life. Sandy and I are continuing with the clean eating as we both believe we are not just fitter but healthier.

I can't wait for the next challenge.

– Mark

Some days were tougher than others mentally & physically but I would recommend the Bec Hansen 6 week Challenge to anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle no matter what age.

Thought I was fit at 54 years before the challenge, I now feel fitter & stronger and a lot of that is due to Bec and Garth's encouragement to keep going and to push yourself.

The meals have been so tasty. We were always looking forward to the next weeks menu. It has certainly made us more aware of how good healthly food is.

I really enjoyed being part of the 6 week Challenge group sharing photos tips and ideas on the Facebook page.Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. 

Even though the 6 week Challenge is finished we are sticking to our healthier lifestyle with our yummy meal plans & regular exercise.

Looking forward to the next Bec Hansen Challenge - Bring it on

– Sandy

running smallerFor me the 6 Week Challenge felt like a community. I joined Bec Hansen Fitness alone not knowing anyone. Though now to turn up to training and people know your name means a lot.

Throughout the challenge the Facebook group was great as everyone encouraged one another and the pics of everyone posting their meals was great (so I knew if mine turned out ok), same with what ingredients were on special and where to find.

The classes were great, as they made me push myself which I needed, but didn’t know I could do, and I am now much fitter than i have been in many many years.

The food was a real big eye opener to the hidden preservatives and sugar in food, and loved not being hungry.

Thank you - so so glad I did this. Looking forward to the next one.

– Maree

To me the 6 week challenge is the best journey that I have decided to take "for me" (and as a bonus has benefited my whole family). To me this was a personal journey and not a competition and I can't believe what I was able to achieve. With the support and dedication of compassionate and professional trainers I could get through the tough bits and celebrate my successes. Also being part of an amazing team made the journey so much more amazing and supportive. It has not just been a quick fix but a life long lesson. I am now confident to make good food and exercise choices and can do things I never thought I could. Thank you so much to Bec and the team for helping me realise what I can do and not what I previously limited myself to do.

– Carrie

Just want to say a big thank you to Bec Hansen Fitness for the 6 Week Challenge we've just completed - seriously the best food I've ever eaten and has totally changed the way I look at nutrition! The clean eating recipes have been awesome and the challenge classes so tough, but so good. Happy to say that I managed to...

  • Lose 5.7kgs
  • Lose 10cm off waist & hips and more cm lost everywhere else
  • I have dropped my metabolic age by 7yrs 
  • I have also taken 1% off my visceral fat which is the fat on your organs

Thanks Rebecca & Garth - I've loved it!

PS. My husband has managed to lose about 10kgs in the six weeks as well!! The kids are eating heaps better. A bonus for the whole family. 

– Sarah


Don't miss this opportunity!

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Loved the new BodyBalance class this morning!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement...X-Training and Boxing Circuits are my favourite classes to love and hate equally at the same time ;)
- Matt

Highly recommend Bec she knows your capabilities and pushes you to achieve greater results. Love Boxing & BodyCombat!
- Julie K

BodyBalance is so great! Best work out....ever.
- Nadine

Before you know it, the hour's up & you've worked hard, burned lots of calories & had a laugh at the same time.
- Anita

Fun and a good way to start your day.
- Jenna