Group Fitness Classes

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$15 per class

Unlimited Membership – No Contract*

Unlimited Classes $29 per week

Unlimited Membership – 12 month Contract*
Unlimited Classes $24 per week

Age Under 21 - Unlimited Membership - No Contract*
Unlimited Classes $22 per week

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Member Extras

1 on 1 Assessment

1 on 1 Assessment includes body composition analysis (weight, bodyfat %, muscle mass, visceral fat, and more), body measurements, and goal setting.

 15 Minute Assessment $20 
 15 Minute Assessment + Comparison Report $30


Fitness Testing

 30 Minute Fitness Test $40
 30 Minute Test + Comparison Report $50


Meal Plan

Includes detailed meal plan with recipes.

One Week Meal Plan with 15 minute personal consultation $100



*Direct Debit only.

A bank transaction fee ($1.50), or credit card transaction fee
(min $1.50, Visa/Mastercard %, Amex 4.4%), is charged per debit.
Options: weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly direct debit. 

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Loved the new BodyBalance class this morning!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement...X-Training and Boxing Circuits are my favourite classes to love and hate equally at the same time ;)
- Matt

Highly recommend Bec she knows your capabilities and pushes you to achieve greater results. Love Boxing & BodyCombat!
- Julie K

BodyBalance is so great! Best work out....ever.
- Nadine

Before you know it, the hour's up & you've worked hard, burned lots of calories & had a laugh at the same time.
- Anita

Fun and a good way to start your day.
- Jenna